We Put Safety First

Every day we work relentlessly towards a goal of zero injuries and work related illnesses. Workplace safety is a leading priority at TerraPro and we will always be committed to minimizing the risk of injury or work related illness. Many of our workers carry out their duties in hazardous environments so it is extremely important to be effective in our orientations, training, job observations and those one –on-one conversations in order to support and encourage a strong safety culture that is not a one day or weekly event but is a continuous momentum of support and encouragement.

We continually audit our safety management system to determine if it is still effective and to make the necessary changes to reflect the growth of the company. We are determined to get everyone home safely at the end of each day.

We will never stop working on strengthening our already strong safety culture and ensure that our team is appropriately trained and equipped for the hazards they encounter while working.

We demonstrate our commitment to workplace health and safety by:

  • Sustaining a best-in-class health and safety management system.
  • Identifying and evaluating health and safety risks to ensure that hazards are eliminated or controlled.
  • Establishing an effective process for preventing all injuries and work related illnesses.
  • Building a culture that requires positive leadership with clear accountability.
  • Providing employees with timely and effective training.
  • Investigating all incidents in order to prevent a recurrence.
  • Stopping unsafe work.
  • Establishing measurable objectives to monitor progress through audits and performance reporting.
  • Obtaining input from employees and their representatives on health and safety issues.
  • Promoting a healthy workplace.
  • Meeting or exceeding all legal requirements wherever we operate.

Our safety philosophy and practices ensure that all Terrapro employees and contractors put the safety and integrity of our workplaces and jobsites at the forefront.

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