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Matting Sales & Rentals

Getting equipment to site is often a tremendous obstacle for energy construction and remediation projects, and also creates environmental protection concerns. Our access matting solutions allow you to move equipment efficiently and operate in remote areas in an environmentally friendly way. Our rental fleet of 40,000 mats is strategically located close to industry activity in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. From steel rig mats, crane mats, lightweight heavy duty composite mats, and access or swamp mats — we have a solution to help you reduces costs related to operational damage. Learn more →

Earthworks/Environmental Services

Our reclamation and remediation services division helps restore damaged land with a range of services including erosion control. As a team, we take huge pride in returning land to its original state while providing a safe, secure and stable work place for all. We are contributing sustainability where perceived environmental challenges face energy construction projects. We are proud of the reclamation sites we have worked on over the years. Each day we can drive around looking at farm land or forested areas where you can no longer see any indication of construction activity. Learn more →

Surface Rentals

We provide a variety of surface rental equipment for the oil and gas industry including 400 BBL Tanks, Shale Bins and Floc Tanks with a focus on full service track hoe handling packages for drilling rig operations. With project locations and service capabilities throughout Western Canada, we are the first choice for rental equipment that supports your project. Learn more →

Ground Screw Systems

As the exclusive distributor for the KRINNER Ground Screw System in Western Canada, we provide a complete range of foundation construction options. Ground Screws are a method of modern foundation construction that are efficient, durable and requires no concrete. They save time and money and provides new opportunities for an innovative design. With stability, fast assembly and guaranteed safety, KRINNER Ground Screws help move projects forward faster than conventional methods. Learn more →