Right-of-way Earthworks Solutions

TerraPro is highly experienced with right-of-way clearing from forestry roads to private owners and Ministry right of ways. We use new, state-of-the-art equipment including GPS and radar to ensure that our chemical application is accurate and consistent. We maintain excellent relationships with chemical suppliers and are experienced and well trained on selecting appropriate chemicals for each application.

During any right-of-way clearing service includes examining the area to identify the vegetation species, selecting the proper chemicals for application and clearing method, completing the project, and retaining detailed records to ensure your project is in full compliance with Provincial Regulations.

Right of Way Clearing

Right-of-way clearing is an ongoing service that TerraPro offers that’s specialized to promote the safe and efficient operation of the pipelines. Our service enables pipeline owners to meet its objectives of protecting the integrity of the pipeline and effectively responding to emergency situations when needed. The service includes clearing and managing any unnecessary growth in right-of-way areas. Clearing of any trees located near the pipeline is necessary because roots from trees planted within or approaching the right-of- way can wrap around the pipeline and damage its protective coating, causing pipeline corrosion. Tree root systems are drawn to the warmth and moisture of pipelines and often abnormal and excessive root growth patterns are experienced near pipelines. Clearing the right-of-way of trees that threaten pipeline integrity helps ensure the safety of the surrounding community.

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