Ground Screws Help Build Solid Structures Faster

Exclusively distributed by TerraPro throughout Western Canada, KRINNER Ground Screw systems are a revolution in foundation construction. These sustainable and environmentally friendly construction systems are being used in Alberta for quick foundations that are efficient, durable and that require no concrete. Ground Screws are a unique and environmentally friendly product that saves time, money and provide new opportunities for innovative design.

Screw In Foundation Systems for Construction

Forged from steel tubing and galvanized to international ISO standards, Krinner Ground Screws offer time and cost advantages to conventional practices of digging and concreting. German designed and patented, these screws are now available in Western Canada. The ground screws are installed using a number of different screwing aids and machines in minutes. This screw-in foundation system is not only suitable for natural ground, but also for dense and even tarred surfaces. The applications are countless, from fences to carports, flag poles and traffic signs, solar panel systems, advertising boards and even outdoor buildings — all are quickly erected and removed.

Residential & Commercial

Deck Piles

The Krinner Ground Screw is an ideal alternative for footings for decks, patios and sheds for residential or commercial. The Ground Screw can be easily and quickly installed without the mess of the traditional method of augers and cement forms. The Ground Screws come in various sizes and weight capacity making a perfect fit for these types of projects.


Whether it be residential or industrial, the Krinner Ground Screw is perfect for all fencing projects. The self levelling installation equipment ensures that each screw is installed perfectly straight each time. For industrial projects that are temporary, the Ground Screw can be installed and allow the fence to serve its purpose. When the project is complete the Ground Screws can be taken out of the ground, fencing removed and reinstalled for the next project.


The Krinner Ground Screw is an ideal solution for timber framed permanent buildings or temporary building foundations. From offices at the construction sites, pump stations in remote locations, small tank farms, industrial racking, tie down supports or your back yard shed. The screws can be quickly installed to take the weight required, installed level and straight for permanent use or to be taken out and ready for the next site.

Sub-division Land Development

The Krinner Ground Screw is a great fit for play parks, benches, signage, gates, light standards, and to hold security cameras.

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