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When your project involves heavy machinery and mobile vehicles, you need to ensure that safety and progress aren’t compromised or impeded by unstable or saturated ground. TerraPro’s temporary road access mats means your operation can continue smoothly. TerraPro provides comprehensive project assessment to help determine temporary road matting requirements. By providing custom logistical planning, we can ensure our products are available when and where you need them. We’re here to help you choose the most affordable, cost-effective access matt solution based on your individual requirements whether you are in the oilfield, mining, construction, and related sectors.

Steel Rig Mats

TerraPro is a leading supplier of steel framed rig mats in Western and Northern Canada. Hardwood mats and timber mats are made of dense mixtures of hardwoods. They are tough and durable, but they are extremely heavy, non-engineered (non-tested), and untreated. Our wood mats are constructed from solid oak providing the most robust mat available. We can also provide combination oak/fir or solid fir mats where a lighter mat makes more economic sense. The temporary structural surface provided by our mats enables equipment to move during inclement weather or ground conditions, which can extend the work season and keep your projects on track.

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Steel Rig Mats

Steel Rig Mats

Construction: Steel framed rig mat W6 x 15 rails and cross members, 6″ wood decking
Width & Length: Standard size 8′ x 20′, 8′ x 40′
Thickness: 6”
Lifting Shackles: Optional
Purchase Options: For rent or purchase
Uses: One of the most successful solutions to moving heavy equipment through environmentally sensitive swamp and muskeg conditions


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Flexible Rig Mat Purchase Options

We offer a wide range of transactional options including rental, lease to own, and purchase options. We also offer annual or multi-year contracts which secure your product needs and provide stable and predictable pricing structures. Our people can assist you with choosing the most affordable, cost-effective solution based on your individual requirements.

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