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TerraPro offers a fleet of innovative and quality storage and handling surface rental products for the oil and gas industry including 630 BBL Horizontal Tanks, 400 BBL Tanks, Shale/Mixing Bins, Floc Tanks, Invert Vacuums and Pumps. Our skidded and production tanks are manufactured with meticulous attention to quality and reflect the attitude of an enthusiastic and skilled production team. If our standard units don’t meet your storage and containment needs, we can coordinate the custom manufacturing of tanks or bins to your unique specs and requirements including a variety of exterior finishes and signage.

4 Sided Shale Bins

The TerraPro shale bins are made of heavy-duty industrial steel. The bins are designed to hold all types of drill cuttings and solid waste generated on drill sites.


Shale Bins

4 Sided Shale Bins

Construction: Made from heavy duty industrial grade steel
Type: High 4 sided
Sizes: 20′ L x 11′ W X 4′ H (150 BBL)
40′ L x 11′ W x 6′ H (350 BBL)
Weight: 13,250 LBS (150 BBL)
26,500 LBS (350 BBL)
Volume: 150 BBL
350 BBL
Purchase Options: For rent or purchase
Uses: One of the most successful solutions to moving heavy equipment through environmentally sensitive swamp and muskeg condition

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