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TerraPro offers a fleet of innovative and quality storage and handling surface rental products for the oil and gas industry including 630 BBL Horizontal Tanks, 400 BBL Tanks, Shale/Mixing Bins, Floc Tanks, Invert Vacuums and Pumps. Our skidded and production tanks are meticulously maintained and were manufactured to be of the utmost quality.


400 BBL Tanks

TerraPro’s 400 BBL tanks are ideal for storing fluids at your well sites and tank farms. We supply and rent customizable invert systems, upright tanks and portable tanks.

  • Sloped bottoms and a steam coil
  • Fluid storage, upright and portable tanks are equipped with fall arrests to meet safety requirements (CSA approved)
  • Optional to have 400 BBL storage tanks lined
  • Tanks include an external gauge system that displays the current fluid levels.
  • 4 or 5 – 4″ valves with flanges, plugs and chains
  • 1 x 3″ down comer line “fill line

Insulated 400 BBL Tanks

TerraPro supplies 400 BBL insulated tanks that are ideal for storing fluids at your well sites and tank farms. We supply and rent customizable invert systems, upright tanks and portable tanks with an external insulation design to meet your climate needs.

  • Our insulated 400 BBL storage tanks can come insulated R12 metal clad bonded to tanks.
  • All our insulated tanks also have an option for electric heating using a 36″ electric element that installs the upper 4″ inlets.
  • The insulated tanks come equipped to use a 30 amp 3W4P plug and come with an adjustable thermostat located beside the fluid gauge
  • Agitatir/gun lines can be added


500 BBL Double Wall Horizontal Tanks

The TerraPro 500 BBL double wall horizontal tanks are primarily designed to store invert and base oil. These tanks are created with multiple connection hoses in order to pump fluid from the tank and transfer it to the rig.

  • Ground rods complete with flexible cable and quick connect couplers
  • Static steel reel for safe fluid transfer
  • Bowie positive displacement pump
  • Mechanical fluid level monitoring
  • Front ladder including fall arrest
  • Rear live roll
  • Master tank
  • Slave tank
  • LED Boss fixtures for exterior lighting


Floc Tanks

TerraPro’s floc tanks are ideal for the storage of fluids such as contaminated water and invert mud systems, with the option of three to four compartments to handle our customers’ drilling fluid needs. Floc tanks are supplied with an open top to allow operators to keep an eye on floc conditions and levels

  • 3 – 4 fluid compartments used for mixing
  • 2″ sloped steam line and a jib crane located in the outer compartments
  • 4″ suction line out of the top of each compartment.
  • 4″ drain line out of the bottom of each compartment.
  • 4″ collars and plugs are located inside each compartment and come out of each end of the tank for cleaning purposes
  • 10″ air unions are used to join multiple tanks together and are located on each end wall and 2 on the side wall by the walkways


400 BBL Tanks

Construction: Steel
Type: Steel & Insulated Sloped Bottom Steam Coil Tanks
Size: 24′ L x 12″ D x 13″ W
Weight: 13,500 lbs
Volume: 400 BBL
Purchase Options: For rent or purchase

500 BBL Double Wall Horizontal Tanks

Construction: Steel
Type: 1 and 2 compartment
Size: 46’6 x 10’6
Weight: 33,800 lbs
Volume: 1800 – 2200 lbs
Purchase Options: For rent or purchase

Floc Tanks

Construction: Steel
Type: 4 compartment
Size: 48’L x 12’W x 5’H
Weight: 19,000 LBS
Volume: 350 BBL
Purchase Options: For rent or purchase


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