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We recognize the importance of remaining current on industry regulations, advancements, and trends. Please visit the links below to learn more about our industry affiliations.

The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Workplace Health and Safety are committed to helping employers and workers reduce losses caused by workplace injuries through the “Certificate of Recognition” (COR) program for the Alberta construction industry. The COR is also used as a pre-qualification requirement for Contractors tendering work for many buyers of construction.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program shows that employers have a health and safety program, training, have coordinated regular audits and provide quality assurance to it’s customers.

ISNetworld brings together Hiring Clients and contractors, creating safer work environments and lasting partnerships.

The Workers’ Compensation Board is a statutory corporation created by government under the Workers’ Compensation Act to administer a system of workplace insurance for the workers and employers of the province of Alberta.

The Chamber of Commerce stands for promoting business; monitoring municipal, provincial and federal governments; and championing managed growth in the local economy.

The mission of the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada is to facilitate innovation, collaborative research and technology development, demonstration and deployment for a responsible Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry.