Aggregate Products

Dispose your concrete and asphalt materials and pick up any of our aggregate products from the same place, at the same time. Save time and money by never hauling empty.


We divert concrete from landfill facilities by recycling the concrete and asphalt brought to our site. We work with engineers during the crushing process to make sure that the recycled product meets required specifications. Our materials are ready on-hand to be used for construction projects.

63mm B Recycled Concrete

63mm recycled concrete is used for construction grade operations and meets Alberta Transportation specifications. The product is available in either clean or regular options. It’s a perfect solution for large-scale drainage systems and road base construction.

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10mm Minus Recycled Concrete

10mm Minus B Spec Recycled Concrete meets City of Edmonton requirements and is optimal for precision paving and pipe bedding applications. Its finely-graded nature ensures excellent compaction, provides a stable, uniform layer that enhances structural integrity, and facilitates efficient drainage for construction projects.

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20mm Recycled Road Crush

20mm recycled road crush (also known as 3/4″ recycled concrete) is typically used for building solid road bases, driveways, pathways and landscaping projects. The product’s well-graded and compactable nature provides exceptional stability and drainage. We offer the product as a recycled material as well as non-recycled.

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Recycled Asphalt

Crushed asphalt helps with drainage and dust suppression on roads and highways. Recycled asphalt helps reduce the amount of new oil needed during the construction process.

Other Aggregate Materials

Our yard is always stocked with the following quality aggregate materials, available by the ton. Other materials can be made available by request.

20mm Road Crush

20mm road crush is used for constructing solid road bases, driveways, pathways, and landscaping projects. The product’s well-graded and compactable nature makes it ideal for providing stability and improved drainage. We offer the product as a recycled material as well as non-recycled.

20mm Washed Rock

20mm washed rock is ideal for drain fields, around pipes and under concrete slabs. Its clean, smooth finish facilitates effective water flow and enhances aesthetic appeal.

Bank/Bedding Sand

Bank Sand and Bedding Sand are terms used interchangeably. The product is known for its excellent drainage properties and smooth texture, making it ideal for laying brick and block, establishing pipe bedding and drainage systems, and creating the perfect base for laying pavers and patio stones.


Buckshot is a type of coarse-grained aggregate that ranges in size from approximately 9.5 mm to 19 mm (3/8 inch to 3/4 inch) in diameter. It’s a natural material derived from crushed rock, often originating from quarrying operations. The irregular shape and varying sizes of buckshot particles make it an effective solution for erosion control, land stabilization projects, and providing traction on icy surfaces.


Clean clay is uncontaminated and can also be referred to as natural clay. This type of clay is free from any hazardous substances, pollutants, or debris, making it suitable for reuse and environmentally responsible disposal.

Marginal Fill

Marginal fill refers to a combination of non-hazardous construction materials that usually includes soil, sand, gravel, or other inert materials. Marginal fill is suitable for landscape grading, leveling, and other non-structural purposes.


Our nutrient-rich topsoil is the ultimate foundation for healthy plant growth. Its organic composition supports seed germination, root development, and nutrient uptake. The product is ideal for reclamation and remediation projects, and a great choice for construction landscaping.


Wood chips are small pieces of wood obtained from processing lumber, logging operations, or tree pruning. These chips vary in size and texture, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. As a natural byproduct, wood chips offer tremendous potential to be utilized in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Wood chips can be used for biomass energy production, mulch/landscaping, animal bedding, and moisture absorption.

The TerraPro Advantage

Easy Access Points

Our facility is easily accessible off Anthony Henday North and South, Hwy 16 and Hwy 21.

Reduced Liability of Contaminated Soils

By testing materials before they come into our facility and through our chain of custody control, we reduce the potential liability for contaminated soils going back to your site.

Fast Scale System

We have a fast scale system (inbound and outbound) to ensure minimal wait times. We also provide daily job and scale tickets for quick billing and project cost tracking.

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