Indigenous Inclusion

TerraPro’s purpose is to help people access meaningful and fulfilled lives. That purpose extends into the vision for our Indigenous Inclusion Program.

We are committed to working with Indigenous Peoples and communities who have an interest in our business and the needs of our clients and to whom we can provide employment or training, from whom we can procure goods and services, or with whom we can build partnerships to support the fulfilment of our vision.

View our Indigenous Inclusion Policy.

Inclusion Pillars at TerraPro

Indigenous inclusion is woven into all aspects of our organization. Our program activities focus on leadership, business development, employment, and community relationships.


We have a clear commitment to our Indigenous inclusion policy. Moreover, we lead a culture that sustains positive
Indigenous inclusion.


We develop relationships with Indigenous businesses. Accordingly, we work to integrate them into our supply chain.


We train, recruit, and retain Indigenous employees. Ultimately, we aim to achieve an
equitable representation of Indigenous people in the workplace.

Community Relationships

We work to build mutual trust and respect with communities and partners in all of our current and future operating areas.

We’re PAR Committed and a Proud Community Partner

We’re committed to Progressive Aboriginal Relations through CCAB and working across cultures. With the objective of creating shared value, we are proud to have partnerships with Indigenous communities across Western Canada.



Awareness Training

Why did we develop TerraPro’s Indigenous Inclusion Training Program? Because we can all do more to learn about the history and culture of Indigenous Peoples. Certainly we can all increase our understanding. We also have a responsibility to pursue mutually beneficial economic activities with Indigenous communities.

In partnership with Maskwa & Associates, TerraPro is honoured to participate in Indigenous inclusion awareness training sessions with Roy and Judy Louis. Additionally, TerraPro’s team members all complete a 30-minute online training program. This enhances our shared understanding and acceptance of each other’s interests and cultures.

Indigenous Student Bursary Program

We offer an Indigenous Student Scholarship Program in partnership with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Each year, we support one Indigenous student in the CET or IHET program with a $2,000 bursary.

“Our community is very selective about who we do business with and even more selective about who we partner with. We partnered with TerraPro not only because we believe that they are leaders in their field, but because of their integrity and their commitment to learning and understanding the Dene culture.

Justin Herman

CEO, Chard Metis Local 218

“We value their relationship and commitment to our nation. TerraPro is a company that incorporates the values of our community and epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit our nation and its members are known for. 

Wayne Rothlisberger

VP Business Development, Úújo Developments, Doig River First Nation

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