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Durable access mats, specialized equipment, and experienced people ready to get your project done right. TerraPro provides end-to-end ground stabilization, terrain protection, and work-site access solutions.

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We provide access matting solutions for companies and projects of all sizes. Whether you need 10 mud mats for ground stabilization, 500 swamp mats for site access, or 10,000 access mats for environmental protection, we have the products, equipment, and crews to make it happen quickly and safely. 

Preparing to battle muskeg, swamp, mud, or streams? Challenging terrain is part of the job and we have over a decade of know-how to overcome it. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for each project regardless of location, terrain, scope, or size.

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What Are Access Mats?

Access mats are large pieces of wood, plastic, or steel (or a combination of materials) that are laid on the ground to make difficult terrain such as unstable soil, rocky slopes, creeks, swamps, and muskeg stable and safe for heavy equipment. Installed side-by-side (or overlapping) in road or pad formations, access matting is used on construction and maintenance sites where ground stability and reliable access is needed. Additionally, matting effectively protects the ground underneath from contaminants, rutting, and other damage left behind by vehicles, equipment, and rigs.

Depending on the industry and use-case, access mats are also known as mud mats, swamp mats, construction mats, or heavy equipment mats. Mats can be made out of different materials or constructed in different ways, but at the end of the day, they’re all very similar. Whether you need a temporary road or bridge to allow equipment to pass, or you need a sturdy work pad to support equipment at work, a talented crew armed with quality access mats can make it happen.



With a manufacturing facility right on-site at our main Sherwood Park HUB headquarters, we began producing a steady quantity of TerraPro-made mats in 2019. Today, we’re producing 750 mats per month. These 3-ply 8’x14′ wood access mats are durable and well-constructed to better meet your matting needs.

Sticking with our values of creativity and growth, we’re continuously working to ensure our mats strike the right balance between weight, durability, and cost. Whether it’s lumber quality, bolt placement, or board spacing we have a uncompromising eye on quality and potential improvements.

Why TerraPro
Access Matting?

After 16 years in business, we know that successful access matting is about more than mats and equipment. It’s about professional crews, efficient invoicing, transparent communication, and jobs done right the first time. That’s why our client promise is to deliver the products and services you need, where and when you need them, with expert advice and skilled talent. At TerraPro, we don’t just want your next job, we want to work alongside you for years to come.

TerraPro’s crew keeps us working by being ahead of the game in laying and demobbing mats. TerraPro staff is easy to deal, paperwork is completed quickly, and I receive daily updates. I would absolutely recommend TerraPro.


Waschuk Pipeline Construction

TerraPro’s strength lies with its people. Their team works hard and presents themselves in a professional manner. TerraPro employees work together and understand their roles on site.


Athabasca Oil Corp

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